Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Selling Sweet Peas for the Sharing Farm ...

Bunches of Sweet Peas have become a yearly Sharing Farm fundraising project since 2008.

The work begins in early spring with drama of keeping the hungry mice at bay when we plant trays upon trays of sweet pea seed. As the soil dries out the ground is prepared with carefully weeding, tilling and fertilizing and planting up hundreds of seedlings along the trellis, then keeping the hungry slugs away.

Finally, by mid July, the fragrance and brilliance of the sweet pea blooms climb the trellis, to please the eye and tantalize the nose.

In previous years, the bunches were sold through the Steveston Farmers’ Market, by the Farming Students.

This year the Farm has not taken a booth at the market so we had a situation on our hands. Beautiful sweet peas, but no where to outlet them and our Fundraising opportunity at risk.

This was the topic of conversation one day, among the volunteers and the idea came up to approach our neighbourhood supermarket, Save On Foods, to see if they would care to partner with the Sharing Farm to sell the beautiful bunches.

They were approached on Friday and by Monday the bunches were displayed at the entrance; before the display was even up three bunches were sold.

So do look out for our sweet pea display and support the work the Sharing Farm does in our community by taking home an inspiring bunch of sweet peas flowers.

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Heather said...

Good to know, I was wanting to pick up some Sweet Peas for my Mom's Birtday Tommorrow and was wondering where I could pick some up. That's great I can just go to save-on now. Thanks for the info.