Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wet and Windy Spring ...

We had a couple storms move through in April. For the first time I experienced having the little greenhouse on my deck blow over, with all the trays of seedling in them ... twice. I finally secured it to the railing which did the trick.

In April I harvested two meals from my containers - one of a small variety of patchoy "toy choi" and another of gai lan .. another asian green. The Asian Greens are a great option for container harvesting they can be grown close and they are fast growers. They do best in cool conditions. Good for spring and fall gardens.

As soon as I harvested the containers I planted out another round of broccoli rab and spring rab which I had waiting in the wings ready to replace the previous crop.

I started a few bush cucumbers from seeds and planted one in each pot and they have not budged. It is still too cold and dreary most days for them to get too enthusiastic.

This is how far along the broccoli rab is after 11 days.

Other Harvests this Spring

I managed a first shearing of salad greens and started another two pots of the mix.
However, even these good old reliables have been quite reticent this year. I finally discovered why ...

Portable Garden

I started my "Community Garden" selection from seed: swiss chard, bush cucumber, spring onions, patty pan squash. Here is my potential garden loaded into the back of my car ... and off loaded a number of times as I have not managed to plant them out as yet.

I have prepped the plot, however, and the sugar snap peas and the fragrant sweet peas are in and trellised. Whew!

New Endeavour ...

This year I decided to try growing tomatoes for sale. I started a tray of three varieties of tomatoes on the recommendation of an ardent amateur tomato grower:
Black from Tula, Brandywine and Cherokee Chocolate.

All is well, having 75 tomato seedlings in one flat but as they grow and need to be potted up from 1" square to 4" square, space and medium becomes an issue, when all you have is a town house deck. Don't talk about then potting them up further into 1 gal. size pots! Fortunately I have been able to ship them over to one of the Urban Agriculture gardens. I have set them up in an available corner, under plastic.

My plan is to make them available for sale towards the end of June as organically grown, well established, well fed tomato plants. With a head start like that, once we have any sort of summer weather, they should be good producers ... We'll see.