Sunday, March 3, 2013

Getting the Community Garden Plot Ready ...

My Community Garden has also been taken care of in good time this year. In order to make better use of this piece of land I have made a concerted effort to address the tasks in this plot early on. I paid my renewal fee, turned the soil in the back section and planted in the sweet peas and the fava beans. The favas will stay in the garden until summer and I will harvest them and the garlic, which is already up and growing, punching through the leaf mulch, at about the same time.
Somehow I had the foresight in fall of 2012, when I was prepping the bed for planting the garlic, to dig a trench around the perimeter of the box and I heaped the soil onto the middle of the bed. Into this raised bed I planted the cloves of garlic in the front section of the bed. Just as well that I did that because we have had so much rain that the garlic would have been sitting in water and could have rotted.

Another important resource, other than worms, that I bought at Seedy Saturday was three bags of composted horse manure which I will apply to my beds along with the compost I have been making at home when I am ready to plant my summer crops.

It feels great to be back out working in the garden ....

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